ARICULUS Loncego is a highly effective broad-spectrum device. It can be used for the formation of a muscular frame, shaping, training of strength, endurance and overall health, courses of deep lymphatic draining massage, for rehabilitation after injuries with minimal downtime. The method is based on a combination of the application of the EMC-device with exercise and fitness.
Advantages of our equipment
German reliability.
Safety, Comfort, Easy to us
5-years warranty
High coverage of muscle groups:
more than 20 muscle groups
Adjustable kit - unisex costumes, only 2 vests cover all sizes
Mobile equipments.
The possibility to choose a mobile version. The removable control panel.
configuration programs.
system control.
Comprehensive technical information and marketing support.
This equipment is suitable for:
Medical offices
Medical offices

The use of the apparatus Ariculus X8 (Loncego) promotes: 
- the reduction of pain, treatment of atrophied and weakened muscles, eliminate muscle imbalances, strains and spasms; 
- strengthening of the cardiovascular system; 
- normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, the elimination of various kinds of incontinence, the prevention of prolapse of internal organs; 
- decongesting; 
- stimulation of the immune and endocrine systems; 
- improve the overall vitality of the body. 
The use of the apparatus Ariculus X8 (Loncego) suitable and recommended for use in the treatment and rehabilitation processes as: 
an effective method of combating muscle atrophy, including "postural" muscles (rehabilitation after complex neurological conditions and injuries); 
stimulation, strengthening and improvement of smooth muscle, blood vessels and internal organs; 
- detox of the body after different types of poisoning; 
- prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
"Clinical hospital №1" administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation

Fitness centers
Fitness centers

We noticed the increase in the total number of visitors of our sports centres after equipping our center with Ariculus X8 (Loncego). We noted a surge of interest from visitors to this kind of fitness training . This fact allowed us to increase the profit level of those sports facilities where this service was available. Thus, we wish to reaffirm our intention to develop further cooperation with the company "Body Forming". We include EMS-training in the general list of the services offered at all sites of the "Oxygen" network. 
The network of parks "Oxygen".
Rehabilitation centers
EMS-equipment Ariculus X8 (Loncego) is of interest for our subordinate organizations of medical and sanatorium-and-Spa profile. The equipment can be used in the process of postoperative rehabilitation and preventive treatment.
According to the conformity certificate for application in Russia and in the period of its operation and the registration certificate of "Roszdravnadzor". Purchase of equipment, services using equipment, organization of joint operation of the equipment will be carried out in accordance with the requirements of "Roszdravnadzor" and Federal law No. 44-FZ dated April 05, 2013" 
Fgbu "Clinical sanatorium "Barvikha".

Rehabilitation centers
Rehabilitation centers

По отзывам специалистов ЭМС-оборудование Ariculus X8 (Loncego) представляет интерес для наших подведомственных организаций медицинского и санаторно-курортного профиля. Оборудование может быть использовано в процессе постреанимационного, реабилитационного и профилактическо-восстановительного лечения при наличии сертификата соответствия на применение в РФ и в период его действия и регистрационного удостоверения "Росздравнадзора" о внесении оборудования в Государственный реестр медицинских изделий и в период его действия. Закупка оборудования, услуг с использованием оборудования, организация совместной эксплуатации оборудования будет проводиться в соответствии с требованиями "Росздравнадзора" и Федерального закона № 44-ФЗ от 05 апреля 2013 г."
ФГБУ «Клинический санаторий "Барвиха".

Professional sport
Professional sport

Comprehensive training of major muscle groups fit into 30-40 minute lessons. The results comparable with 4-5 hours of intensive work in a conventional gym.
This level of efficiency is the result of the synchronization pulses applied to the muscles by the Central nervous system and EMS device, while the load on the musculoskeletal system and the cardiovascular system are minimized. 
Training takes place in three stages: 
I. the First stage – heating and preparing the body to major part of the training, during which also triggered mechanisms of increasing the speed of metabolism and fat burning. 
II. The main part of the lesson, based on the tasks that will be aimed at increasing muscle mass, endurance; "drying" of the muscles; weight loss; rehabilitation. 
III. The final part of the lymphatic drainage massage will help the body clean itself from toxins, including lactic acid and the stress hormone, excess fat and water by restoring and activating its defenses.

Beauty salon and SPA-centers
Beauty salon and SPA-centers

There is an effect of complex recovery of the body as the result of the treatment using the apparatus Ariculus X8 (Loncego)
- excretion of excess fat, fluid, toxins, reduction of cellulite; 
- improving the quality and appearance of the skin by increasing the synthesis of collagen and elastin. 
- reduction of the biological age of an organism by 11-15 years for one month of training; 
- improving the condition of the spine and joints, gastrointestinal tract, nervous system; 
- accelerate blood circulation, lymph flow and metabolism; 
- increased immunity, physical endurance, performance, concentration and stress resistance. 
- the rapid rehabilitation after illnesses and surgeries.

Hotels, sanatoriums
Hotels, sanatoriums

The BODY FORMING method using the apparatus Ariculus X8 (Loncego) – unique ergonomic solution to the problem of maintaining physical fitness and emotional balance in deficiency of time: 
- reduction of Jet lag after the flight; 
- inflow of forces, cheerfulness, health; 
- increase resistance to stress and diseases; 
- get rid of swelling and all kinds of intoxication; 
- qualitative improvement of brain performance and mood; 
- reduction of pain.

Corporate fitness
Corporate fitness

Allows to resolve the issue of corporate fitness as convenient as possible for business. 
Only 2 workouts of 30 minutes per week will make any business team as effective "combat" unit, rapid in making strategic and operational decisions, highly motivated and loyal to the company. 
- significant reduction in the frequency and average duration of sick leave; 
- overcoming major "office syndrome"; 
- reducing the number of labor conflicts; 
- improving the speed and quality of managerial decisions; 
- raise the motivation and work enthusiasm; 
the growth of "customer centricity" and the personal liability of employees; 
- improve the quality of production processes and, as a consequence, the quality of products; 
- increase loyalty of the team; 
- the status of "Attractive Employer". 
- increase the dynamics of development, growth of profit and value of the company.

ARICULUS from Loncego is highly effective broad-spectrum device. It can be used for the formation of a muscular frame, correction of body contours, training of strength, endurance and overall health, courses of deep lymphatic draining massage, for rehabilitation after injuries with minimal downtime. The method is based on a combination of the application of the EMC impulses from ARICULUS and free-form exercise. This approach allows us to implement preventive measures and to significantly improve the condition of major body systems: endocrine (activation of the synthesis of hormones that play a key role in cell renewal and maintaining the youth of the body), immune system (enhancing the resistance to diseases), digestive system (activation of metabolism, improvement of peristalsis), cardiovascular system (strengthening the heart and blood vessels), musculoskeletal system (muscle building, increase strength and endurance, improve joint mobility, densification of bones).

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Only effective workout!
Training of the whole body to achieve results in the shortest time possible is the main task of the ARICULUS (Loncego) device.
Saving time
(only 35 min by comprehensive training!)
Simultaneous training
Of all muscle groups
The rapid increase in muscle
strength and endurance
Accelerated growth
of muscle
weight loss
and reducing
of excess fat
(up to 8 kg per month)
A training opportunity and rapid recovery
after injuries
Complete recovery and
all body systems
Feedback about us
Elena Savchuk
40 minutes of bodyforming is equivalent to 3-4 hours in the gym. And this is not a fitness for the lazy! This is fitness for modern women, who value their time and want to achieve maximum results in minimum time! Besides, bodyforming is never boring – which is also important for motivation. Coaches every time give new and most effective exercise! It's always fun to work on. Many thanks to Dima, Sasha Korchagin and Alex Tsarev for a super workout and a great mood!
Sali Cukirishvili
Each of the trainers working in the gym is unique, everyone has their own technique, each one of them gives the impression of incredible professional. Every workout is different from the previous one. After the workout you are not tired, leaving in high spirits. Sleep quality has improved, the back does not hurt anymore at all, so now I can walk on heels.
Nadezhda Dmitrieva
After the first two classes, I saw the effect: the volumes began to diminish. The classes were brought into my life diversity and perfect mood. And most importantly, never wanted to say, "I'll go tomorrow”, because exercise is effective but not debilitating. With each lesson, I gladly recorded in the notebook and in front of the mirror how the volumes were reducing in centimeters. The biggest pleasure I got when, just after 1 month of training wore jeans size 42. That was my size before pregnancy.
Gavril Surenovich Markarov
I have more than 20 years of experience in development of physiotherapy equipment and new methods of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. I worked as Professor of physiotherapy and exercise therapy FMBA of Russia, Department of physical medicine and rehabilitation Training center of the Department of presidential Affairs. I see the broad prospects for the use of this equipment to patients in the medical network of hospitals, polyclinics, sanatoria and resort managers. The usage is possible not only in neurology and trauma ( electrical stimulation after strokes, paralysis , trauma), but also in surgery and intensive care. Almost every 5th patient after surgery of the abdominal cavity in need of stimulation of the intestine; in urology for atonic bladder; gynecology with prolapse and uterine atony; in older men prostate stimulation, pelvic floor muscles, etc.; in therapy after pneumonia with obstructive bronchitis; in gastroenterology - spastic colitis , constipation, etc.

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